To minimize the risks and maximize the success of projects in our special project works. The general framework that we follow in special software projects is;

Analysis: By listening to and observing your institution's needs, we decide what kind of software is needed. In order to accomplish projects exclusive to your institution, we firstly present you with the project scope document, constituted in light of details such as which processes will be controlled by software and who the users will be, and we choose the solution that suits you.

Planning: Based on the data acquired from the detailed analysis result in Custom Software Development, we design the design process and determine the stages that we will pass. Meanwhile, we ensure that you get maximum efficiency with minimum investment by planning the resources and usage time.

Custom Software Development: If the process is moving according to the planned schedule, we carry out project tests at determined periods and present the results to you. If considered necessary, we also ensure that the prototypes are evaluated by you.

Acceptance Tests: With the completion of the tests performed by our team, the acceptance test phase is proceeded in the real environment of your company. After the final corrections are made, the project is delivered to you as ready for use within the time limit determined at the planning stage.

Our professional team is available 24/7 to help you resolve any problems that may arise after the project is completed.