About Us

Trust, clarity, and success

BAYRI has been established in March 2021 in order to provide high quality and reliable services to its corporate customers. Until today, it has been involved in many projects by providing both operational services and consultancy to various companies.

BAYRI works hard to satisfy its customers with all kinds of services in the sector. With our expert staff, we provide software development services to our customers, including banking technologies, website design, native mobile applications, and web applications.

As a company, we are always happy to offer you the most appropriate and ideal solutions.

Our Values

As BAYRI, we value and believe in sincerity. Because we value sincerity, our relations with our customers have always been warm and made our customers feel safe.

In addition to sincerity, we believe in doing a job accurately and properly. We are always committed to doing our best to provide better quality software and support to our customers.

Last but not least, our most important value is, to be honest with our customers no matter what. It is our only duty to direct our customers in the right direction, to ensure that they do not do too much work, more than required, and to provide the most accurate solutions to our customers.

In addition to these, as BAYRI, it is important for us to be fair, sharing, respectful, and informative.